March Meeting Minutes


A meeting of the Northside A.R.C. was held at Moreau Fire Station 1. The meeting was called to order at 7:04pm by Jason Wood .

Attendance included: Becky Wood, Dave and Janet Meye, Dave Stewart, Chuck Drace, Jason and Danielle Wood and Keven Spence.

Approval of Minutes was made by Becky and 2nd by Dave Meye

Treasurer’s Report: $865.71 motioned by Keven and 2nd by Chuck

Old Business: Trustee is still being handled. The website is also close to completion.

New Business: Next month need to pay dues and voting will take place.

Tech Time: Dave brought in the equipment to display and show everyone how to operate on digital. He talked about all the different modes and a little history on some modes. Talked about how much power to run, and about the different dbs. He also explained the different items on the screen.

Nets: 3/8 Dave Meye 3/15 Keven Spence 3/22 Dave Stewart 3/29 Jason Wood

The meeting was adjourned at 7:36pm by Becky Wood and 2nd by Chuck Drace .

Next meeting will be April 5th at 7pm


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